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  • Jennifer Popkin "The health benefits and consumption of chocolate" A Special Presentation of the Paul Harris Fellowship to Former Councilman Councilman T. Bryan McIntire

Jennifer Popkin "The health benefits and consumption of chocolate" A Special Presentation of the Paul Harris Fellowship to Former Councilman Councilman T. Bryan McIntire

  • 02/16/2011
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Hayfields Country Club


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Jennifer Popkin "The health benefits and consumption of chocolate".

Mr. McIntire is a father of five daughters, has five grandchildren and lives with his wife, Doris, and two dogs in Timonium. Summary of Legislative Accomplishments:

  • Protecting precious open space and reducing population densities in areas slated for development
  • Promoting a plan for adequate public facilities - the County should not proceed with the development of plans until we are certain we have adequate support facilities for growth - including schools, roadways, power, water, and more
  • Improving our public education system - legislation I sponsored provides monthly accounting to document the use of county funds, insure fiscal responsibility, and allocate more money directly into the classroom
  • Fostering economic and employment development in the County
  • Reducing crime
  • Taking a lead in tax reduction

County Rural Legacy Program
Resource Conservation Zones
Fuel Service Station Restrictions
Motorized Scooter Restrictions
Wireless Communication Towers- Historic and Scenic Resources

Historic Preservation

  • Created the Rippling Run Farm Historic District
  • Co-sponsored refinements of County's Landmark Preservation Commission prohibiting the demolition of historic buildings
  • Authored tax credit legislation for restoration of historic properties


  • Co-sponsored revitalization tax credits for improvements to commercially zoned properties in designated revitalization areas
  • Implemented Reisterstown revitalization plan
  • Co-sponsored Resolution 103-08 for revitalization along Main Street in Reisterstown

Rural Preservation

  • Authored Code provision regulating cellular towers and antennas and instituting scenic viewshed restrictions
  • Sponsored legislation creating a new conservation zone (RC7) to protect large contiguous blocks of natural and agricultural resources, forests and scenic environments


  • Sponsored several extensions of the development moratorium because of elementary school overcrowding
  • Warren Elementary School - appropriated $5000.00 for tot lot
  • Timber Grove Elementary School - appropriated $10,924 in funds for Intermediate Play Area
  • Cedarmere Elementary School - $10,000 appropriated for playground equipment
  • Pinewood Elementary School - $16,545 appropriated for 15 new computers
  • Franklin High School - $85,140 appropriated for renovation to the stadium, track and surrounding field

Development and Zoning

  • Lead sponsor on law (March 7, 2000) requiring approval as a condition precedent to the county Executive selling county property
  • Authored amendment to County code enabling commercial recreational facilities to locate by special exception in Office and Technology zones
  • Authored law repealing swimming pool covers as the sole means of protecting children from pools (i.e., fences required)
  • Co-sponsored Owner Livability Code requiring owner-occupied residences to maintain acceptable exterior appearance
  • Co-sponsored law banning back-to-back townhouses
  • Lead sponsor of law prohibiting parking of non-motorized vehicles on County roads
  • Co-sponsored the refinement of "home occupation" law
  • Authored zoning regulation creating transition area between Resource Conservation and Business Zones and establishing height and area limitations
  • Lead sponsor of law prohibiting parking "for sale" vehicles on public streets except in front of owners’ homes
  • Authored clarification of panhandle lot law so as to prohibit exclusion of lots of three or more acres from that law
  • Co-sponsored bill to restrict zones in which new and used cars are permitted
  • Sponsored a bill to restrict the locations in which a fuel service station is permitted

Other Interests/Projects

  • Safety
    $255,000 in funds were appropriated for four water tanks for the Baltimore Volunteer Fire Department located at Chestnut Ridge, Hereford Middle School, Falls and Padonia Roads and Butler
  • Recreation
    $3,200 in funds appropriated for two soccer goals at Reisterstown Rec Council
  • Traffic
    Successfully advocated for the widening of Padonia Road and installation of a traffic light at Greenpoint Road

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