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  • Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Lynn Molnar, Thankful Paws

Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Lynn Molnar, Thankful Paws

  • 01/09/2013
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Hunt Valley Inn - 245 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley MD, 21030


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At the next meeting for the Rotary Club of Hunt Valley, January 9th 2013, new member, Lynn Molnar will be sharing the purpose of Thankful Paws - A Food Bank for Pets.  Everyday, millions of people are torn between buying pet food for their beloved companion, filling a prescription, or paying the electric bill. Thankful Paws enables people to keep their dignity during a tough financial crisis. People who once had a great job are now barely surviving on unemployment, one of the first ''expenses'' people look to cut is the family pet. Thankful Paws has already provided pet food to over 12,000 people in one year to the residents of Maryland, this number will increase. The need will increase.

In addition to providing pet food and supplies to needy people, Thankful Paws also leads the way with pet-friendly education for children to teach them to respect all pets, including service animals. Many times our veterans return from war with invisible scars, a service dog is a hero's link to society.

Thankful Paws also helps low-income and terminally ill patients care for their pets. Their faithful companion is the only friend some people have, and that furry friend needs care too. Dignity in dying and caring for our elders.

Please attend our next meeting, January 9th and listen to Lynn, learn of this great cause and become involved! This is just some of what Thankful Paws does. Every person is important - and every person has paw prints on their heart...

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