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The Rotary Club of Hunt Valley holds a lunch meeting from 12:00 to 1:00 pm on the first Wednesday of the month at the Greene Turtle, 118 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, MD. Guests and Rotarians from other chapters are always welcome. Each program generally includes a speaker representing local governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, or community programs. In addition, our Club holds several social, networking, and holiday events throughout the year.

    • 08/13/2018
    • (EDT)
    • 05/12/2025
    • (EDT)
    • 82 sessions
    • Greene Turtle, 118 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley

    Monthly Board Meeting-  Required for Board Members to discuss club business.  Members may come if they wish. 




    • 05/19/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

    Following the events of Sept. 11, Steve Brown became involved in various educational and humanitarian programs in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. He has traveled there twelve times, helped establish a Rotary Club in Jalalabad, and established a Sister Cities relationship between San Diego and Jalalabad. Among other things, Steve will share his various experiences including working with the public school system to set up and oversee internet connected computer labs in high schools for boys and girls, working with Nangarhar University’s Faculty of Education for IT and ESL training of future teachers, and meeting with government officials, including Afghan President Karzai, to review the polio immunization program in Afghanistan

    • 05/22/2021
    • 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)

    The District Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI), was developed in the Winter/Spring of 2021. Please join your fellow District 7620 Rotarians for a webinar that will introduce you to DEI. There will be a keynote speaker, panel discussion and small group discussions. 

    • 06/16/2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

Past events

05/13/2021 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
05/05/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Youth & Peace in Action with PDG Ken Solow
04/24/2021 Adopt-a-Road Spring Clean-up
04/21/2021 Monthly Meeting via Zoom: Dr. Christopher Puttock
04/15/2021 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
04/07/2021 Special Meeting via Zoom: District Governor Jimmie Gorski
03/24/2021 SPECIAL MEETING: Rotary Club of Hunt Valley Four-Way Test Speech Competition FINALS (via Zoom)
03/17/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Robin Stocksdale, Gilchrist
03/12/2021 2021 Four-Way Test Competition: All Student Submissions Due
03/11/2021 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
03/03/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Lt. Col. Paul Kanning, MD Air National Guard
02/17/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Mona Mohamed, Johns Hopkins Toastmasters Club
02/11/2021 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
02/03/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Larry Schmidt, Partner, SGS Law
01/27/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Mary Anne Klein Rishebarger, Monarch Sister Schools Program
01/16/2021 Rotary and the Environment
01/14/2021 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
01/06/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Meera Rothman, Yale Rotaract
12/10/2020 Virtual Holiday Cheer
12/02/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Ethan Draddy, Scout Executive & CEO, Boy Scouts of America, Greater NY Councils
11/18/2020 Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Sally Riley, Volunteer Research Librarian, Historical Society of Baltimore County
11/12/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
11/04/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Deborah S. Phelps, Executive Director, The Education Foundation of BCPS
10/24/2020 Adopt-a-Road Fall Madness
10/21/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Clare Monroe, Rotary International, End Polio Now
10/15/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
10/07/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting: Capt. Rick Rubel, U.S. Naval Academy
09/23/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Dr. Stan Wilson
09/19/2020 Rotary District Virtual Summit
09/10/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
09/02/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom
08/19/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Sue Baker, JHU, "Safety by Design"
08/13/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
08/05/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Casey Sacks, Ph.D
07/22/2020 Monthly Virtual "Off-Site" Meeting via Zoom
07/16/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
07/08/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom
06/27/2020 Virtual District Conference
06/26/2020 Virtual District Conference
06/24/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom
06/18/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
06/06/2020 Adopt-a-Road Summer Sizzler
06/03/2020 Monthly Virtual Lunch Meeting via Zoom
05/21/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
05/06/2020 Monthly Virtual Lunch Meeting via Zoom
03/04/2020 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Guest Speaker Sara Trenary, Baltimore COunty Dept. of Economic & Workforce Development
02/19/2020 Off-site Meeting: PayPal
02/18/2020 Rotary Service: Bracelet Making Night at Gilchrist
02/05/2020 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Club Assembly
01/25/2020 Community Service: Wreath Retirement at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens
01/16/2020 Happy Hour at the Hunt Valley Greene Turtle
01/08/2020 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Club Assembly
12/14/2019 ACTC Christmas Food Drive at Graul's Mays Chapel
12/11/2019 Santa's Helpers Anonymous
12/06/2019 Operation Warm: Coat Pick-up
12/04/2019 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Club Assembly
11/20/2019 Offsite Meeting - CCBC Hunt Valley
11/16/2019 NCR Trail Fall Clean-up
11/14/2019 Happy Hour at the Hunt Valley Greene Turtle
11/06/2019 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Club Assembly & 4-Way Test Planning
10/23/2019 Off-site Meeting: Baltimore County Library, Cockeysville Branch
10/19/2019 Adopt-a-Road Fall Madness
10/10/2019 Happy Hour at the HV Greene Turtle
10/02/2019 Monthly Lunch Meeting: D-Day Remembered
09/24/2019 Gilchrist Community Service Project
09/18/2019 System Source Museum Tour (7 Spaces Only)
09/12/2019 Happy Hour at the HV Greene Turtle
09/04/2019 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Maryland Proton Treatment Center
08/21/2019 Remote Meeting at Broadmead
08/17/2019 Adopt-a-Road Summer Sizzler
08/15/2019 Happy Hour at the HV Greene Turtle
08/07/2019 August Monthly Meeting
06/05/2019 Monthly Meeting-Speaker: Art Arthur
05/08/2019 Four Way Test Awards Ceremony
05/01/2019 Lunch Meeting- Club Assembly
04/17/2019 Lunch Meeting- 4WT High School Winners!
04/09/2019 Gilchrist Fundraiser Dinner at Texas Roadhouse
04/03/2019 Monthly Meeting-Speaker: Autism Society
03/06/2019 Monthly Meeting-Speaker: Gilchrist Hospice Care
02/27/2019 Make-up Lunch Meeting- Club Assembly
02/20/2019 Lunch Meeting- Club Assembly
01/26/2019 Community Service-Wreath Retirement
01/23/2019 Remote Meeting -Cockeysville Fire Station
12/19/2018 Holiday Party
12/13/2018 Happy Hour
12/05/2018 Lunch Meeting- Speaker Author Middleton Evans
11/20/2018 Operation Warm Coat Distribution
11/15/2018 Happy Hour and Operation Warm Service
11/07/2018 Lunch Meeting- Speaker Pat Martin
11/03/2018 Adopt A Road Clean Up
10/30/2018 Community Service-Gilchrist Hospice Care
10/17/2018 Remote Meeting at Bmore Cty Recycling Center
10/11/2018 Happy Hour Meeting
10/03/2018 Lunch Meeting- A Flight Attendant's Experience
09/29/2018 NCR Trail Maintenance Event
09/19/2018 Remote Meeting at Oregon ridge Nature Center
09/05/2018 Lunch Meeting-
08/25/2018 Adopt-A-Road Clean up
08/22/2018 Lunch Meeting- DG Rick Glover
08/15/2018 Remote Meeting- Bowlero
08/09/2018 Happy Hour-
07/31/2018 Community Service-Gilchrist Hospice Care
07/25/2018 Lunch Meeting- Changeover!
07/18/2018 Remote Meeting at Maryland Masonic Museum
07/16/2018 Club Board Meeting
07/04/2018 No Happy Hour Meeting
06/20/2018 Weekly Meeting - Bert Straus, The "New" NFL Helmet
06/13/2018 Weekly Meeting - Club Assembly
06/06/2018 No Happy Hour Meeting
05/30/2018 Weekly Meeting - Connie Anderton – The Family Tree
05/23/2018 Weekly Meeting - Robin Stocksdale, Hospice in Tanzania
05/16/2018 Weekly Meeting
05/09/2018 Weekly Meeting - State Senator Jim Brochin
05/04/2018 District Conference & 4 Way Test Finals
05/01/2018 Four Way Test Awards Ceremony
04/25/2018 Weekly Meeting- Four Way Test Awards Ceremony Prep.
04/21/2018 4 Way Test District Semi-Finals
04/18/2018 Weekly Meeting - Ian Wasti
04/11/2018 Remote Meeting at Baltimore County Brewing
04/04/2018 No Happy Hour Meeting
04/04/2018 LUNCH Meeting - RYLA Students
03/28/2018 Weekly Meeting - 4WT- HS Finalist Speech Competition
03/21/2018 Weekly Meeting - Diane Bernitt, Ophthalmological Service Abroad
03/16/2018 4WT Oratorical Judging @ Franklin HS
03/15/2018 4WT Oratorical Judging @ Loch Raven HS
03/14/2018 4WT Oratorical Judging @ Dulaney HS
03/13/2018 4WT Oratorical Judging @ HHS 12-2pm
03/07/2018 Happy Hour Meeting
02/28/2018 Weekly Meeting - Jon Shaw, Karma Farms
02/21/2018 Weekly Meeting - Aaron Velky, Ortus Academy
02/17/2018 RYLA Weekend!
02/14/2018 Weekly Meeting - Jarrod Bolte, Bedtime in a Box
02/07/2018 Happy Hour Meeting
01/31/2018 Weekly Meeting - Ellen Torres, Alzheimer Association
01/24/2018 Weekly Meeting - Club Assembly
01/17/2018 Weekly Meeting - Jarod Bolte, Bedtime In A Box
01/10/2018 Weekly Meeting - Lynne Cannon Hot-lanta! Rotary Int'l Conference
12/13/2017 Holiday Party at Silver Spring Mining Company
12/07/2017 Happy Hour at High Topps- Benefit for Santa's Helpers Anonymous
11/29/2017 CANCELLED- Weekly Meeting - Joe Finn, Cyber Security
11/22/2017 No Meeting- Happy Thanksgiving!
11/15/2017 Weekly Meeting - High School 4-Way Test Teachers, Official Visit
11/08/2017 Remote at Hunt Valley Golf Club
11/01/2017 Happy Hour Meeting
10/25/2017 Weekly Meeting - District Governor Greg Wilms, Official Visit
10/18/2017 Weekly Meeting - Krishan Nigam, Global Water
10/11/2017 Weekly Meeting - Kevin Kahl, Community Outreach Officer
10/04/2017 Happy Hour Meeting
09/27/2017 Weekly Meeting - Dr. Rod Mortel
09/20/2017 Remote at Maryland Agricultural Resource Center
09/13/2017 Weekly Meeting - Linda Wilson
09/06/2017 Happy Hour Meeting
08/30/2017 Remote at ACAC Timonium
08/23/2017 Weekly Meeting - Lisa Wiederlight, Safeminds
08/16/2017 Weekly Meeting - Club Assembly
08/09/2017 Weekly Meeting - Speaker Lisa Wiederlight- SafeMinds
08/02/2017 Happy Hour Meeting
07/26/2017 Weekly Meeting - PICNIC!
07/12/2017 Weekly Meeting - New Member Induction and Speaker: Alli Baldwin, FUNdrive
07/10/2017 Monthly Board meeting
06/28/2017 Weekly Meeting - Changing of the Gavel Ceremony
06/21/2017 Weekly Meeting - Autumn Burton, Interacter/Rotoracter and Author
06/14/2017 Weekly Meeting - Mike Hilliard – Law Enforcement Action Partnership
06/10/2017 Rotary International Conference
05/31/2017 Special Presentation: FBI- Personal Cyber Security, Marvella Gray & Barbara Gaskin-Wallace
05/24/2017 Weekly Meeting - Neil Young - Hadrian's Wall
05/22/2017 Houck Foundation Board Meeting
05/17/2017 Weekly Meeting - Baltimore County Library Foundation Paul Schwab and Paula Miller
05/10/2017 Weekly Meeting - Sen Jim Brochin
05/05/2017 District Conference & 4 Way Test Finals
04/26/2017 Weekly Meeting - Ken Higgins -Global Volunteer
04/22/2017 4 Way Test District Semi Finals
04/19/2017 HV 4 Way Test Awards Ceremony
04/12/2017 Weekly Meeting - Leadership Baltimore County
03/29/2017 Weekly Meeting - 4WT- HS Finalist Speech Competition
03/22/2017 Weekly Meeting - FIELD TRIP! US Lacrosse
03/16/2017 4 Way Test HS Competition-Loch Raven
03/15/2017 HVRC Annual Meeting
03/13/2017 4 Way Test HS Competition-Hereford
03/11/2017 Forum on Human Trafficing
03/10/2017 4 Way Test HS Competition-Franklin
03/09/2017 4 Way Test HS Competition-Dulaney
03/08/2017 Weekly Meeting - 4 Way Test Judges Training
03/08/2017 Internation Womens Day Celebration
03/07/2017 Gilchrist Hospice Benefit
02/23/2017 Rotary International Anniversary
02/22/2017 Weekly Meeting - Robin Stocksdale Gilchrist-Tanzania Hospice Project Update
02/18/2017 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
02/15/2017 Weekly Meeting - Raine Brandon, Just Kids Campaign
02/13/2017 Houck Foundation Annual meeting
02/08/2017 Weekly Meeting - Mike Ruby-The County Chronicle and The Villager
01/25/2017 Weekly Meeting - David Keltz - Edgar Allen Poe
01/18/2017 Weekly Meeting - Lauren Reyes
01/11/2017 Weekly Meeting - Gina Kazimir Pets on Wheels
12/21/2016 No meeting - Winter Holiday Break
12/18/2016 Food Drive At Grauls"s
12/14/2016 Club Holiday Party
12/07/2016 Lunch at Santa's Helpers Anonymous
11/23/2016 No meeting - Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
11/16/2016 Weekly Meeting - Donna Weiner Pampered Paws Grooming Salon
11/09/2016 Weekly Meeting - Middleton Evans - Photographer and Author
11/02/2016 Happy Hour Meeting
10/29/2016 Wheel to Heal
10/26/2016 Weekly Meeting - Club Assembly Wheel Prep
10/22/2016 Grauls Table
10/19/2016 Weekly Meeting -Beth Morrison - Believe Big
10/16/2016 Benefit Concert-Tanzania Hospice
10/12/2016 Weekly Meeting -Erik Sauer - There Goes My Hero
10/05/2016 Happy Hour Meeting
09/28/2016 Weekly Meeting -Jane Sims, Estate Planning Atty
09/21/2016 Weekly Meeting -DG Anna-Mae Kobbe visit
09/17/2016 Generation Lead
09/14/2016 Weekly Meeting -Paige Koerner, The Red Ddevils
09/07/2016 Happy Hour Meeting
08/31/2016 Meeting at Saft America
08/24/2016 Weekly meeting- Speaker: Jeremy Conn Radio 105.7 Sports commentator
08/17/2016 Club meeting
08/13/2016 Picnic with Towsontowne Rotary Club-CANCELLED DUE TO HEAT
07/27/2016 Weekly Meeting: Linda Schneider, Anonymous Elves
07/20/2016 Weekly Meeting: Jon Marsiglia, Chesapeake AED Services
07/06/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
07/04/2016 Rotary Clubs to Participate in Towson 4th of July Parade
06/29/2016 Weekly Meeting: Open
06/29/2016 Weekly Meeting: MD State Senator Jim Brochin
06/25/2016 Governor Installation Dinner and District Awards Assembly
06/22/2016 Weekly Meeting: RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Participants
06/15/2016 Weekly Meeting: No Meeting at Embassy Suites-- Field Trip Lunch at System Source
06/13/2016 Board Meeting
06/08/2016 Weekly Meeting: Beth Hopkins, No More Stolen Childhoods
06/01/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
05/18/2016 Weekly Meeting: Belinda Lee, WMAR-TV
05/11/2016 Weekly Meeting: Club Assembly
05/04/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
04/23/2016 Trashbusters Summer Sizzler
04/20/2016 NO WEEKLY MEETING: Awards Ceremony at Dulaney High School
04/13/2016 Weekly Meeting: ellen cherry
04/11/2016 Board Meeting
04/06/2016 Regular Meeting with the Four-Way Test Oratorical Competition Finalists
03/30/2016 NO WEEKLY MEETING: Happy Easter!
03/23/2016 Weekly Meeting:Classification talks-- Julie & Tim
03/16/2016 Weekly Meeting: Debbie de al Reguera
03/14/2016 Board Meeting
03/09/2016 Weekly Meeting: Mike Ricigliano, Cartoonist
03/02/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
02/24/2016 Weekly Meeting: Christopher Coleman- Towsontowne's Project to Reduce Corneal Blindness in Bangladesh
02/17/2016 Weekly Meeting: 4 Way Test Lunch
02/17/2016 Weekly Meeting: 4 Way Test Finalists Compete
02/10/2016 Weekly Meeting: Classification Talks
02/08/2016 Board Meeting
02/03/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
01/27/2016 Weekly Meeting: Club Assembly & Elections
01/20/2016 Weekly Meeting: Pat Pawloski- Pet on Wheels
01/13/2016 Weekly Meeting: Sophie Sun- FBLA
01/11/2016 Board Meeting & 4-Way Test Begins
01/06/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
12/30/2015 No Weekly Meeting
12/23/2015 No Weekly Meeting
12/12/2015 Holiday collection at Graul’s Mays Chapel for ACTC
12/09/2015 Weekly Meeting: Mike Lawlor, Veteran & Gulf War Memorial Advocate
12/09/2015 Weekly Meeting: Mike Lawlor, Veteran & Gulf War Memorial Advocate
12/02/2015 Weekly Meeting: Visit From District Governor Ken Solow
11/18/2015 Weekly Meeting: Kyung Pak- Korean Spirit and Culture Project
11/11/2015 Weekly Meeting: Steve Stenersen - President and CEO, US Lacrosse
10/28/2015 Weekly Meeting: Dr. Julius Mollel- Gilchrist/Tanzania
10/22/2015 RCHV: 6th Annual Charity Wine Tasting Party
10/21/2015 No Weekly Meeting
10/14/2015 Club Assembly
10/12/2015 Board Meeting
08/08/2015 Trashbusters Summer Sizzler
06/13/2015 Rotary Club of Hunt Valley 25th Year Anniversary!
06/13/2015 Sponsorship for Rotary Club of Hunt Valley 25th Year Anniversary!
04/23/2015 4-Way Test Awards Ceremony
03/27/2015 High school oratorical Contest - Hereford
03/26/2015 High school oratorical Contest - Dulaney
03/24/2015 High school oratorical Contest - Loch Raven
03/02/2015 Gilchrist Hospice Care's California Pizza Kitchen FUNdraiser
01/28/2015 4-Way Test oratoricals
01/21/2015 Speaker of the Week
01/14/2015 Speaker of the Week
01/07/2015 Speaker of the week
12/13/2014 Annual Food Drive at Graul’s for ACTC
11/19/2014 Weekly Meeting: NPS Ranger Vince Vaise, Hampton Mansion
11/12/2014 Weekly Meeting: Club Assembly- ALL MEMBERS need to be present
11/05/2014 Weekly Meeting: Ken Higgins, Classification talk/Ireland
10/29/2014 Wade Kach and Laurie Taylor-Mitchell debate
10/22/2014 Weekly Meeting: Armon’s dad, Farzod Emdad – “His Story”
10/15/2014 Weekly Meeting: Classification talks
10/08/2014 Weekly Meeting: Erin Purnell, Hereford HS-4-H trip to Tanzania
10/01/2014 Weekly Meeting: Breakfast, 8am-followed by Road Clean-up
09/24/2014 Weekly Meeting: Bruce McLaughlin, Iraq War Vet
09/17/2014 Weekly Meeting: Christy Cottinger, Little Gunpowder Farm
09/10/2014 Weekly Meeting: Member Classification Talks
09/03/2014 Weekly Meeting: "Summer Break"- No Meeting
08/27/2014 Weekly Meeting: "Summer Break"- No Meeting
08/20/2014 Weekly Meeting: Alan Walden, Friends of Ft. McHenry
08/13/2014 Weekly Meeting: District Governor Bill Fine's Visit
08/06/2014 Weekly Meeting: Breakfast meeting ! — 8 AM -- Reunion
07/30/2014 Weekly Meeting: Geoffrey Fenner, 7620’s Cyprus Friendship Program
07/23/2014 Weekly Meeting: Changeover! Out with the old, In with the new!
07/16/2014 Weekly Meeting: Meghan Coleman and Phyllis Kilby, Dairy Farming in Maryland and their Kilby Cream
07/09/2014 Weekly Meeting: TBA
07/02/2014 No Regular Meeting - Happy July 4th
06/25/2014 Weekly Meeting: Speaker Ann Kolakowski
06/18/2014 Weekly Meeting
06/11/2014 Weekly Meeting: Speaker Charlie Fenwick
06/04/2014 Weekly Meeting - SPECIAL TIME 8 AM! with Neil Grauer
05/28/2014 Weekly Meeting: State Senator Jim Brochin
05/21/2014 Weekly Meeting: Scott Pierson, Towson Univ.
05/14/2014 No Weekly Meeting!
02/26/2014 Weekly Meeting
02/19/2014 Weekly Meeting
02/12/2014 Weekly Meeting
02/08/2014 HZBA Business Expo
02/05/2014 Weekly Meeting - SPECIAL MORNING TIME 8 AM!
01/29/2014 Weekly Meeting
01/22/2014 Weekly Meeting
11/27/2013 Nov 27 No Meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!
11/20/2013 Nov 20 Meeting - Mindy Shifflet, GBMC
11/13/2013 Nov 13 Meeting
11/06/2013 Nov 6 Meeting - Grace Yao
11/03/2013 Nov 3- Rotary Foundation Dinner
10/30/2013 Oct 30 Meeting - Neil and Nancy Young
10/26/2013 Oct 26 - Adopt-A-Road Clean Up
10/23/2013 Oct 23 Meeting - The 2013-14 Four Way Test Program
10/16/2013 Oct 16 Meeting - Robin Stocksdale, Gilcrest Hospice Care
10/09/2013 Oct 9 Meeting featuring speaker Katherine Kenney
10/02/2013 Oct 2 Meeting featuring District Governor Peter Kyle
09/25/2013 Sept 25 Meeting featuring speaker Amy Reid
09/18/2013 Sept 18 Meeting featuring speaker Elise Rubenstein
09/11/2013 Sept 11 Meeting featuring speaker William Crabson of Salvation Army
09/04/2013 Weekly Meeting - NEW LOCATION!
07/10/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Ed Underinner
07/03/2013 NO MEETING - Happy July Fourth!
06/26/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Anders Davidson
06/19/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Sen. Jim Brochin
06/12/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Ventriloquist Valerie Smalkin
03/27/2013 Weekly Meeting - 2013 Four Way Test Program
03/20/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Chief James Johnson, BCPD
03/13/2013 Weekly Meeting - Ladew Gardens
02/27/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Lori Kirby, Junior Achievement
02/20/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Jackie Reidel, Arthritis Foundation
02/13/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Guido Adelfio
02/06/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Jenny Coldiron, GBMC Foundation/Shawan Downs
01/30/2013 Hunt Valley Rotary Mixer with Hunt Valley Business Forum
01/23/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: District Governor Bob Parkinson
01/16/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Linda Price, My Neighbors Foundation
01/09/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Lynn Molnar, Thankful Paws
11/28/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Dawn Yurkiewicz, Stratford Farm
11/21/2012 No Weekly Meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!
11/14/2012 Weekly Meeting - Dist. Gov. Bob Parkinson Visit
11/07/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Isaac Meyer, Alexander & Cleaver
10/31/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Anita Dudek, Ghana School Project
10/24/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Steve Kolbe, Balt. Co. Rep. Cttee
10/17/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: MD State Sen. James Brochin
10/16/2012 Especially for New and Newer Rotarians: A Conversation about Rotary Works with Past President Greg Pierce
10/10/2012 Weekly Meeting - NCR Trail Dedication
10/03/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: District 7620 AG Neil Young
09/26/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Dr. Andrew Ross, Children's Guild
09/19/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Traci Barnett, Girl Scouts CEO
09/12/2012 Diane Stinchcomb, Edenwald Retirement Community
09/05/2012 Speaker: Ken Iglehart, Baltimore Magazine
08/29/2012 Club Annual Summer Picnic
08/08/2012 Glen Anderson, Honor Flights
08/01/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Ross Stotesbury
07/25/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Paul Carton
07/18/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Stan White, Ravens TV Announcer
07/11/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Kate Murphy of TALMAR
07/07/2012 Rotary Walk on the NCR (Gather at Ashland Papermill Parking Lot)
07/04/2012 No Meeting, Happy July 4th!
06/27/2012 Club Changeover of the RCHV
06/20/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Sumitha Chalil
06/13/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Dean Esslinger
06/06/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Stephen Richard
05/30/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: George McCeney
05/23/2012 Weekly Meeting - Program, Nepal Project
05/16/2012 Weekly Meeting - Rotary Club of Hunt Valley
05/09/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Kevin Kamenetz
05/02/2012 Weekly Meeting - Classification Talks
04/26/2012 2012 Four-Way Test Awards Ceremony
04/25/2012 Weekly Meeting - Annual Meeting of the RCHV
04/18/2012 Weekly Meeting - Rotary Club of Hunt Valley
04/11/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Jim Fish Balt. County Libraries
04/04/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Carey Esslinger MD Economic Dev
03/28/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Dr. Joe Hairston of BCPS
03/21/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Dan Gunderson of Baltimore County
03/14/2012 Weekly Meeting - Four-Way Test Oratorical Finals
03/07/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Brent Mancha of Bloomberg School
03/06/2012 Loch Raven HS Four-Way Test Judging
02/29/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Mike Pierce of NCP
02/23/2012 Dulaney HS Four-Way Test Judging
02/22/2012 Barbara Woodey
02/15/2012 Tyler Waldman and Doug Donoval of
02/11/2012 Sip 'n Sweets: Wine Tasting Fundraiser
02/08/2012 Kelly Smith – BCPS
02/01/2012 Rotary Weekly Meeting
01/25/2012 Rotary Weekly Meeting
01/18/2012 Rotary Weekly Meeting
01/11/2012 First meeting of 2012 - Join us at Marriott Hunt Valley Inn
01/04/2012 No Meeting, Happy Holidays!
12/28/2011 No Meeting, Happy Holidays!
12/21/2011 No Meeting, Rotary Party
12/14/2011 Joel Woodey
12/07/2011 Margie Anne Bonnett
11/23/2011 No Meeting, Thanksgiving
11/16/2011 Amy Bloom Connelly
11/09/2011 Rob Brown, District 7620
11/02/2011 No Speaker
10/26/2011 Teri Rising
10/19/2011 John Kolm, Rockville Rotary
10/15/2011 McCormick Road Cleanup
10/12/2011 Bob Kimball, GBBR
10/05/2011 Lana Portolano, Towson University
09/28/2011 Eric Collier, Mercy Ships
09/21/2011 Dave Muela "The Family Loveletter"
09/14/2011 Baltimore Hon Charlene aka Blaze Char
09/07/2011 DG Claude Morissette
08/31/2011 Club Annual Summer Picnic
08/24/2011 Stuart Amos, FLAVORx
08/17/2011 Rick Webb, CEO, Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union
08/10/2011 Barry Williams, Director, Recreation and Parks, Baltimore County
08/03/2011 Dr. Paul Khanuja
07/27/2011 Ed Underriner, "Anyone can paint...if you have the right teacher"
07/13/2011 Dr Anderson Oregon Ridge Dinner Theatre
07/06/2011 Club Changeover Ceremony
06/29/2011 Dan Toomey, Curator, B&O Railroad Museum Civil War Program "The War Cam By Train"
06/22/2011 Don Schmincke, Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer "High Altitude Leadership"
06/15/2011 Maria Welch, Governor's Commission on Hispanic Affairs
06/08/2011 Barbara Portonoy, Principal, PLPA Inc.
06/04/2011 Club Strategic Planning session
06/01/2011 Club Business Meeting
05/25/2011 Lisa Michocki, The GIVE Program
05/19/2011 Annual Flotilla
05/18/2011 Paul Riecks, President, The Inner Circle of Baltimore
05/11/2011 Dr. Joe Hairston, Superintendent of Schools, Baltimore County
05/04/2011 Club Regular Meeting
04/29/2011 District Conference
04/27/2011 Club Regular Meeting
04/20/2011 Stephanie Haddock, Licensed Massage Therapist
04/13/2011 Dr. Jack Skeen, Leadership Coach
04/05/2011 Annual Four-Way Test Program featuring Nancy S. Grasmick, Ph.D., Maryland State Superintendent of Schools
03/30/2011 Four Way Test Oratorical Contest Finals
03/26/2011 District Assembly
03/23/2011 Regular Meeting: Ms. Rebecca Hoffberger, American Visionary Art Museum
03/16/2011 John Butler, American Flag Foundation
03/02/2011 Regular Meeting: Mr. Albert Sirota, WOWS (Water One World Solutions)
02/23/2011 Regular Meeting: Mr. Rick Cobert, Business Development Representative, Department of Economic Development, Baltimore County
02/16/2011 Jennifer Popkin "The health benefits and consumption of chocolate" A Special Presentation of the Paul Harris Fellowship to Former Councilman Councilman T. Bryan McIntire
02/12/2011 Private Member-Only Event
02/09/2011 State of the Club
02/02/2011 Regular Meeting: Dr. Wayne Bonlie, Hunt Valley Rotarian
01/26/2011 Stephanie Haddock, Licensed Massage Therapist, Achieve Wellness Chiropractic Center
01/26/2011 Today's Meeting Cancelled due to snow
01/19/2011 Regular Meeting: Barb of "What do you see?"
01/12/2011 Mr. John Butler, the American Flag Foundation
12/15/2010 Holiday Party
12/08/2010 Regular Meeting: Leslie A. Marsiglia, Director, Annual Fund, Maryland Food Bank
12/01/2010 Monthly Business Meeting
11/24/2010 Happy Thanksgiving! No Regular Meeting Today
11/17/2010 Rotary Weekly Meeting
11/10/2010 Rotary Weekly Meeting
11/06/2010 Fourth Annual Rotary Wine Tasting Fundraiser
11/03/2010 Rotary Weekly Meeting

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