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The Rotary Club of Hunt Valley holds a lunch meeting from 12:00 to 1:00 pm on the first Wednesday of the month at the Greene Turtle, 118 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, MD. Guests and Rotarians from other chapters are always welcome. Each program generally includes a speaker representing local governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, or community programs. In addition, our Club holds several social, networking, and holiday events throughout the year.

Past events

12/01/2021 Monthly Club Meeting with Donna May (via Zoom)
11/17/2021 Monthly Club Meeting: Jim Book on "Growth" (via Zoom)
11/15/2021 Monthly Board Meeting (via Zoom)
11/11/2021 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
11/03/2021 Monthly Club Meeting: Real Men Wear Pink (via Zoom)
08/18/2021 Monthly Club Meeting (Location TBD)
08/12/2021 Happy Hour!
08/04/2021 Monthly Club Meeting (Speaker TBD)
07/21/2021 Monthly Club Meeting (Location TBD)
07/15/2021 Happy Hour!
07/07/2021 Monthly Club Meeting - In Person!
06/02/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting: State Delegate Michele Guyton, District 42B
05/27/2021 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
05/22/2021 District 7620 DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Webinar
05/19/2021 Monthly Meeting via Zoom: Stephen R. Brown, Past Trustee, The Rotary Foundation 2010-2014: "Volunteer Work in Afghanistan"
05/05/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Youth & Peace in Action with PDG Ken Solow
04/24/2021 Adopt-a-Road Spring Clean-up
04/21/2021 Monthly Meeting via Zoom: Dr. Christopher Puttock
04/15/2021 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
04/07/2021 Special Meeting via Zoom: District Governor Jimmie Gorski
03/24/2021 SPECIAL MEETING: Rotary Club of Hunt Valley Four-Way Test Speech Competition FINALS (via Zoom)
03/17/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Robin Stocksdale, Gilchrist
03/12/2021 2021 Four-Way Test Competition: All Student Submissions Due
03/11/2021 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
03/03/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Lt. Col. Paul Kanning, MD Air National Guard
02/17/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Mona Mohamed, Johns Hopkins Toastmasters Club
02/11/2021 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
02/03/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Larry Schmidt, Partner, SGS Law
01/27/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Mary Anne Klein Rishebarger, Monarch Sister Schools Program
01/16/2021 Rotary and the Environment
01/14/2021 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
01/06/2021 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Meera Rothman, Yale Rotaract
12/10/2020 Virtual Holiday Cheer
12/02/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Ethan Draddy, Scout Executive & CEO, Boy Scouts of America, Greater NY Councils
11/18/2020 Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Sally Riley, Volunteer Research Librarian, Historical Society of Baltimore County
11/12/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
11/04/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Deborah S. Phelps, Executive Director, The Education Foundation of BCPS
10/24/2020 Adopt-a-Road Fall Madness
10/21/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Clare Monroe, Rotary International, End Polio Now
10/15/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
10/07/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting: Capt. Rick Rubel, U.S. Naval Academy
09/23/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Dr. Stan Wilson
09/19/2020 Rotary District Virtual Summit
09/10/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
09/02/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom
08/19/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Sue Baker, JHU, "Safety by Design"
08/13/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
08/05/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom: Casey Sacks, Ph.D
07/22/2020 Monthly Virtual "Off-Site" Meeting via Zoom
07/16/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
07/08/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom
06/27/2020 Virtual District Conference
06/26/2020 Virtual District Conference
06/24/2020 Monthly Virtual Meeting via Zoom
06/18/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
06/06/2020 Adopt-a-Road Summer Sizzler
06/03/2020 Monthly Virtual Lunch Meeting via Zoom
05/21/2020 Virtual Happy Hour via Zoom
05/06/2020 Monthly Virtual Lunch Meeting via Zoom
03/04/2020 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Guest Speaker Sara Trenary, Baltimore COunty Dept. of Economic & Workforce Development
02/19/2020 Off-site Meeting: PayPal
02/18/2020 Rotary Service: Bracelet Making Night at Gilchrist
02/05/2020 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Club Assembly
01/25/2020 Community Service: Wreath Retirement at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens
01/16/2020 Happy Hour at the Hunt Valley Greene Turtle
01/08/2020 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Club Assembly
12/14/2019 ACTC Christmas Food Drive at Graul's Mays Chapel
12/11/2019 Santa's Helpers Anonymous
12/06/2019 Operation Warm: Coat Pick-up
12/04/2019 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Club Assembly
11/20/2019 Offsite Meeting - CCBC Hunt Valley
11/16/2019 NCR Trail Fall Clean-up
11/14/2019 Happy Hour at the Hunt Valley Greene Turtle
11/06/2019 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Club Assembly & 4-Way Test Planning
10/23/2019 Off-site Meeting: Baltimore County Library, Cockeysville Branch
10/19/2019 Adopt-a-Road Fall Madness
10/10/2019 Happy Hour at the HV Greene Turtle
10/02/2019 Monthly Lunch Meeting: D-Day Remembered
09/24/2019 Gilchrist Community Service Project
09/18/2019 System Source Museum Tour (7 Spaces Only)
09/12/2019 Happy Hour at the HV Greene Turtle
09/04/2019 Monthly Lunch Meeting: Maryland Proton Treatment Center
08/21/2019 Remote Meeting at Broadmead
08/17/2019 Adopt-a-Road Summer Sizzler
08/15/2019 Happy Hour at the HV Greene Turtle
08/07/2019 August Monthly Meeting
06/05/2019 Monthly Meeting-Speaker: Art Arthur
05/08/2019 Four Way Test Awards Ceremony
05/01/2019 Lunch Meeting- Club Assembly
04/17/2019 Lunch Meeting- 4WT High School Winners!
04/09/2019 Gilchrist Fundraiser Dinner at Texas Roadhouse
04/03/2019 Monthly Meeting-Speaker: Autism Society
03/06/2019 Monthly Meeting-Speaker: Gilchrist Hospice Care
02/27/2019 Make-up Lunch Meeting- Club Assembly
02/20/2019 Lunch Meeting- Club Assembly
01/26/2019 Community Service-Wreath Retirement
01/23/2019 Remote Meeting -Cockeysville Fire Station
12/19/2018 Holiday Party
12/13/2018 Happy Hour
12/05/2018 Lunch Meeting- Speaker Author Middleton Evans
11/20/2018 Operation Warm Coat Distribution
11/15/2018 Happy Hour and Operation Warm Service
11/07/2018 Lunch Meeting- Speaker Pat Martin
11/03/2018 Adopt A Road Clean Up
10/30/2018 Community Service-Gilchrist Hospice Care
10/17/2018 Remote Meeting at Bmore Cty Recycling Center
10/11/2018 Happy Hour Meeting
10/03/2018 Lunch Meeting- A Flight Attendant's Experience
09/29/2018 NCR Trail Maintenance Event
09/19/2018 Remote Meeting at Oregon ridge Nature Center
09/05/2018 Lunch Meeting-
08/25/2018 Adopt-A-Road Clean up
08/22/2018 Lunch Meeting- DG Rick Glover
08/15/2018 Remote Meeting- Bowlero
08/09/2018 Happy Hour-
07/31/2018 Community Service-Gilchrist Hospice Care
07/25/2018 Lunch Meeting- Changeover!
07/18/2018 Remote Meeting at Maryland Masonic Museum
07/16/2018 Club Board Meeting
07/04/2018 No Happy Hour Meeting
06/20/2018 Weekly Meeting - Bert Straus, The "New" NFL Helmet
06/13/2018 Weekly Meeting - Club Assembly
06/06/2018 No Happy Hour Meeting
05/30/2018 Weekly Meeting - Connie Anderton – The Family Tree
05/23/2018 Weekly Meeting - Robin Stocksdale, Hospice in Tanzania
05/16/2018 Weekly Meeting
05/09/2018 Weekly Meeting - State Senator Jim Brochin
05/04/2018 District Conference & 4 Way Test Finals
05/01/2018 Four Way Test Awards Ceremony
04/25/2018 Weekly Meeting- Four Way Test Awards Ceremony Prep.
04/21/2018 4 Way Test District Semi-Finals
04/18/2018 Weekly Meeting - Ian Wasti
04/11/2018 Remote Meeting at Baltimore County Brewing
04/04/2018 No Happy Hour Meeting
04/04/2018 LUNCH Meeting - RYLA Students
03/28/2018 Weekly Meeting - 4WT- HS Finalist Speech Competition
03/21/2018 Weekly Meeting - Diane Bernitt, Ophthalmological Service Abroad
03/16/2018 4WT Oratorical Judging @ Franklin HS
03/15/2018 4WT Oratorical Judging @ Loch Raven HS
03/14/2018 4WT Oratorical Judging @ Dulaney HS
03/13/2018 4WT Oratorical Judging @ HHS 12-2pm
03/07/2018 Happy Hour Meeting
02/28/2018 Weekly Meeting - Jon Shaw, Karma Farms
02/21/2018 Weekly Meeting - Aaron Velky, Ortus Academy
02/17/2018 RYLA Weekend!
02/14/2018 Weekly Meeting - Jarrod Bolte, Bedtime in a Box
02/07/2018 Happy Hour Meeting
01/31/2018 Weekly Meeting - Ellen Torres, Alzheimer Association
01/24/2018 Weekly Meeting - Club Assembly
01/17/2018 Weekly Meeting - Jarod Bolte, Bedtime In A Box
01/10/2018 Weekly Meeting - Lynne Cannon Hot-lanta! Rotary Int'l Conference
12/13/2017 Holiday Party at Silver Spring Mining Company
12/07/2017 Happy Hour at High Topps- Benefit for Santa's Helpers Anonymous
11/29/2017 CANCELLED- Weekly Meeting - Joe Finn, Cyber Security
11/22/2017 No Meeting- Happy Thanksgiving!
11/15/2017 Weekly Meeting - High School 4-Way Test Teachers, Official Visit
11/08/2017 Remote at Hunt Valley Golf Club
11/01/2017 Happy Hour Meeting
10/25/2017 Weekly Meeting - District Governor Greg Wilms, Official Visit
10/18/2017 Weekly Meeting - Krishan Nigam, Global Water
10/11/2017 Weekly Meeting - Kevin Kahl, Community Outreach Officer
10/04/2017 Happy Hour Meeting
09/27/2017 Weekly Meeting - Dr. Rod Mortel
09/20/2017 Remote at Maryland Agricultural Resource Center
09/13/2017 Weekly Meeting - Linda Wilson
09/06/2017 Happy Hour Meeting
08/30/2017 Remote at ACAC Timonium
08/23/2017 Weekly Meeting - Lisa Wiederlight, Safeminds
08/16/2017 Weekly Meeting - Club Assembly
08/09/2017 Weekly Meeting - Speaker Lisa Wiederlight- SafeMinds
08/02/2017 Happy Hour Meeting
07/26/2017 Weekly Meeting - PICNIC!
07/12/2017 Weekly Meeting - New Member Induction and Speaker: Alli Baldwin, FUNdrive
07/10/2017 Monthly Board meeting
06/28/2017 Weekly Meeting - Changing of the Gavel Ceremony
06/21/2017 Weekly Meeting - Autumn Burton, Interacter/Rotoracter and Author
06/14/2017 Weekly Meeting - Mike Hilliard – Law Enforcement Action Partnership
06/10/2017 Rotary International Conference
05/31/2017 Special Presentation: FBI- Personal Cyber Security, Marvella Gray & Barbara Gaskin-Wallace
05/24/2017 Weekly Meeting - Neil Young - Hadrian's Wall
05/22/2017 Houck Foundation Board Meeting
05/17/2017 Weekly Meeting - Baltimore County Library Foundation Paul Schwab and Paula Miller
05/10/2017 Weekly Meeting - Sen Jim Brochin
05/05/2017 District Conference & 4 Way Test Finals
04/26/2017 Weekly Meeting - Ken Higgins -Global Volunteer
04/22/2017 4 Way Test District Semi Finals
04/19/2017 HV 4 Way Test Awards Ceremony
04/12/2017 Weekly Meeting - Leadership Baltimore County
03/29/2017 Weekly Meeting - 4WT- HS Finalist Speech Competition
03/22/2017 Weekly Meeting - FIELD TRIP! US Lacrosse
03/16/2017 4 Way Test HS Competition-Loch Raven
03/15/2017 HVRC Annual Meeting
03/13/2017 4 Way Test HS Competition-Hereford
03/11/2017 Forum on Human Trafficing
03/10/2017 4 Way Test HS Competition-Franklin
03/09/2017 4 Way Test HS Competition-Dulaney
03/08/2017 Weekly Meeting - 4 Way Test Judges Training
03/08/2017 Internation Womens Day Celebration
03/07/2017 Gilchrist Hospice Benefit
02/23/2017 Rotary International Anniversary
02/22/2017 Weekly Meeting - Robin Stocksdale Gilchrist-Tanzania Hospice Project Update
02/18/2017 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
02/15/2017 Weekly Meeting - Raine Brandon, Just Kids Campaign
02/13/2017 Houck Foundation Annual meeting
02/08/2017 Weekly Meeting - Mike Ruby-The County Chronicle and The Villager
01/25/2017 Weekly Meeting - David Keltz - Edgar Allen Poe
01/18/2017 Weekly Meeting - Lauren Reyes
01/11/2017 Weekly Meeting - Gina Kazimir Pets on Wheels
12/21/2016 No meeting - Winter Holiday Break
12/18/2016 Food Drive At Grauls"s
12/14/2016 Club Holiday Party
12/07/2016 Lunch at Santa's Helpers Anonymous
11/23/2016 No meeting - Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
11/16/2016 Weekly Meeting - Donna Weiner Pampered Paws Grooming Salon
11/09/2016 Weekly Meeting - Middleton Evans - Photographer and Author
11/02/2016 Happy Hour Meeting
10/29/2016 Wheel to Heal
10/26/2016 Weekly Meeting - Club Assembly Wheel Prep
10/22/2016 Grauls Table
10/19/2016 Weekly Meeting -Beth Morrison - Believe Big
10/16/2016 Benefit Concert-Tanzania Hospice
10/12/2016 Weekly Meeting -Erik Sauer - There Goes My Hero
10/05/2016 Happy Hour Meeting
09/28/2016 Weekly Meeting -Jane Sims, Estate Planning Atty
09/21/2016 Weekly Meeting -DG Anna-Mae Kobbe visit
09/17/2016 Generation Lead
09/14/2016 Weekly Meeting -Paige Koerner, The Red Ddevils
09/07/2016 Happy Hour Meeting
08/31/2016 Meeting at Saft America
08/24/2016 Weekly meeting- Speaker: Jeremy Conn Radio 105.7 Sports commentator
08/17/2016 Club meeting
08/13/2016 Picnic with Towsontowne Rotary Club-CANCELLED DUE TO HEAT
07/27/2016 Weekly Meeting: Linda Schneider, Anonymous Elves
07/20/2016 Weekly Meeting: Jon Marsiglia, Chesapeake AED Services
07/06/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
07/04/2016 Rotary Clubs to Participate in Towson 4th of July Parade
06/29/2016 Weekly Meeting: Open
06/29/2016 Weekly Meeting: MD State Senator Jim Brochin
06/25/2016 Governor Installation Dinner and District Awards Assembly
06/22/2016 Weekly Meeting: RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Participants
06/15/2016 Weekly Meeting: No Meeting at Embassy Suites-- Field Trip Lunch at System Source
06/13/2016 Board Meeting
06/08/2016 Weekly Meeting: Beth Hopkins, No More Stolen Childhoods
06/01/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
05/18/2016 Weekly Meeting: Belinda Lee, WMAR-TV
05/11/2016 Weekly Meeting: Club Assembly
05/04/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
04/23/2016 Trashbusters Summer Sizzler
04/20/2016 NO WEEKLY MEETING: Awards Ceremony at Dulaney High School
04/13/2016 Weekly Meeting: ellen cherry
04/11/2016 Board Meeting
04/06/2016 Regular Meeting with the Four-Way Test Oratorical Competition Finalists
03/30/2016 NO WEEKLY MEETING: Happy Easter!
03/23/2016 Weekly Meeting:Classification talks-- Julie & Tim
03/16/2016 Weekly Meeting: Debbie de al Reguera
03/14/2016 Board Meeting
03/09/2016 Weekly Meeting: Mike Ricigliano, Cartoonist
03/02/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
02/24/2016 Weekly Meeting: Christopher Coleman- Towsontowne's Project to Reduce Corneal Blindness in Bangladesh
02/17/2016 Weekly Meeting: 4 Way Test Lunch
02/17/2016 Weekly Meeting: 4 Way Test Finalists Compete
02/10/2016 Weekly Meeting: Classification Talks
02/08/2016 Board Meeting
02/03/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
01/27/2016 Weekly Meeting: Club Assembly & Elections
01/20/2016 Weekly Meeting: Pat Pawloski- Pet on Wheels
01/13/2016 Weekly Meeting: Sophie Sun- FBLA
01/11/2016 Board Meeting & 4-Way Test Begins
01/06/2016 Happy Hour at Barrett's Grill
12/30/2015 No Weekly Meeting
12/23/2015 No Weekly Meeting
12/12/2015 Holiday collection at Graul’s Mays Chapel for ACTC
12/09/2015 Weekly Meeting: Mike Lawlor, Veteran & Gulf War Memorial Advocate
12/09/2015 Weekly Meeting: Mike Lawlor, Veteran & Gulf War Memorial Advocate
12/02/2015 Weekly Meeting: Visit From District Governor Ken Solow
11/18/2015 Weekly Meeting: Kyung Pak- Korean Spirit and Culture Project
11/11/2015 Weekly Meeting: Steve Stenersen - President and CEO, US Lacrosse
10/28/2015 Weekly Meeting: Dr. Julius Mollel- Gilchrist/Tanzania
10/22/2015 RCHV: 6th Annual Charity Wine Tasting Party
10/21/2015 No Weekly Meeting
10/14/2015 Club Assembly
10/12/2015 Board Meeting
08/08/2015 Trashbusters Summer Sizzler
06/13/2015 Rotary Club of Hunt Valley 25th Year Anniversary!
06/13/2015 Sponsorship for Rotary Club of Hunt Valley 25th Year Anniversary!
04/23/2015 4-Way Test Awards Ceremony
03/27/2015 High school oratorical Contest - Hereford
03/26/2015 High school oratorical Contest - Dulaney
03/24/2015 High school oratorical Contest - Loch Raven
03/02/2015 Gilchrist Hospice Care's California Pizza Kitchen FUNdraiser
01/28/2015 4-Way Test oratoricals
01/21/2015 Speaker of the Week
01/14/2015 Speaker of the Week
01/07/2015 Speaker of the week
12/13/2014 Annual Food Drive at Graul’s for ACTC
11/19/2014 Weekly Meeting: NPS Ranger Vince Vaise, Hampton Mansion
11/12/2014 Weekly Meeting: Club Assembly- ALL MEMBERS need to be present
11/05/2014 Weekly Meeting: Ken Higgins, Classification talk/Ireland
10/29/2014 Wade Kach and Laurie Taylor-Mitchell debate
10/22/2014 Weekly Meeting: Armon’s dad, Farzod Emdad – “His Story”
10/15/2014 Weekly Meeting: Classification talks
10/08/2014 Weekly Meeting: Erin Purnell, Hereford HS-4-H trip to Tanzania
10/01/2014 Weekly Meeting: Breakfast, 8am-followed by Road Clean-up
09/24/2014 Weekly Meeting: Bruce McLaughlin, Iraq War Vet
09/17/2014 Weekly Meeting: Christy Cottinger, Little Gunpowder Farm
09/10/2014 Weekly Meeting: Member Classification Talks
09/03/2014 Weekly Meeting: "Summer Break"- No Meeting
08/27/2014 Weekly Meeting: "Summer Break"- No Meeting
08/20/2014 Weekly Meeting: Alan Walden, Friends of Ft. McHenry
08/13/2014 Weekly Meeting: District Governor Bill Fine's Visit
08/06/2014 Weekly Meeting: Breakfast meeting ! — 8 AM -- Reunion
07/30/2014 Weekly Meeting: Geoffrey Fenner, 7620’s Cyprus Friendship Program
07/23/2014 Weekly Meeting: Changeover! Out with the old, In with the new!
07/16/2014 Weekly Meeting: Meghan Coleman and Phyllis Kilby, Dairy Farming in Maryland and their Kilby Cream
07/09/2014 Weekly Meeting: TBA
07/02/2014 No Regular Meeting - Happy July 4th
06/25/2014 Weekly Meeting: Speaker Ann Kolakowski
06/18/2014 Weekly Meeting
06/11/2014 Weekly Meeting: Speaker Charlie Fenwick
06/04/2014 Weekly Meeting - SPECIAL TIME 8 AM! with Neil Grauer
05/28/2014 Weekly Meeting: State Senator Jim Brochin
05/21/2014 Weekly Meeting: Scott Pierson, Towson Univ.
05/14/2014 No Weekly Meeting!
02/26/2014 Weekly Meeting
02/19/2014 Weekly Meeting
02/12/2014 Weekly Meeting
02/08/2014 HZBA Business Expo
02/05/2014 Weekly Meeting - SPECIAL MORNING TIME 8 AM!
01/29/2014 Weekly Meeting
01/22/2014 Weekly Meeting
11/27/2013 Nov 27 No Meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!
11/20/2013 Nov 20 Meeting - Mindy Shifflet, GBMC
11/13/2013 Nov 13 Meeting
11/06/2013 Nov 6 Meeting - Grace Yao
11/03/2013 Nov 3- Rotary Foundation Dinner
10/30/2013 Oct 30 Meeting - Neil and Nancy Young
10/26/2013 Oct 26 - Adopt-A-Road Clean Up
10/23/2013 Oct 23 Meeting - The 2013-14 Four Way Test Program
10/16/2013 Oct 16 Meeting - Robin Stocksdale, Gilcrest Hospice Care
10/09/2013 Oct 9 Meeting featuring speaker Katherine Kenney
10/02/2013 Oct 2 Meeting featuring District Governor Peter Kyle
09/25/2013 Sept 25 Meeting featuring speaker Amy Reid
09/18/2013 Sept 18 Meeting featuring speaker Elise Rubenstein
09/11/2013 Sept 11 Meeting featuring speaker William Crabson of Salvation Army
09/04/2013 Weekly Meeting - NEW LOCATION!
07/10/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Ed Underinner
07/03/2013 NO MEETING - Happy July Fourth!
06/26/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Anders Davidson
06/19/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Sen. Jim Brochin
06/12/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Ventriloquist Valerie Smalkin
03/27/2013 Weekly Meeting - 2013 Four Way Test Program
03/20/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Chief James Johnson, BCPD
03/13/2013 Weekly Meeting - Ladew Gardens
02/27/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Lori Kirby, Junior Achievement
02/20/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Jackie Reidel, Arthritis Foundation
02/13/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Guido Adelfio
02/06/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Jenny Coldiron, GBMC Foundation/Shawan Downs
01/30/2013 Hunt Valley Rotary Mixer with Hunt Valley Business Forum
01/23/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: District Governor Bob Parkinson
01/16/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Linda Price, My Neighbors Foundation
01/09/2013 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Lynn Molnar, Thankful Paws
11/28/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Dawn Yurkiewicz, Stratford Farm
11/21/2012 No Weekly Meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!
11/14/2012 Weekly Meeting - Dist. Gov. Bob Parkinson Visit
11/07/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Isaac Meyer, Alexander & Cleaver
10/31/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Anita Dudek, Ghana School Project
10/24/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Steve Kolbe, Balt. Co. Rep. Cttee
10/17/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: MD State Sen. James Brochin
10/16/2012 Especially for New and Newer Rotarians: A Conversation about Rotary Works with Past President Greg Pierce
10/10/2012 Weekly Meeting - NCR Trail Dedication
10/03/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: District 7620 AG Neil Young
09/26/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Dr. Andrew Ross, Children's Guild
09/19/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Traci Barnett, Girl Scouts CEO
09/12/2012 Diane Stinchcomb, Edenwald Retirement Community
09/05/2012 Speaker: Ken Iglehart, Baltimore Magazine
08/29/2012 Club Annual Summer Picnic
08/08/2012 Glen Anderson, Honor Flights
08/01/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Ross Stotesbury
07/25/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Paul Carton
07/18/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Stan White, Ravens TV Announcer
07/11/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Kate Murphy of TALMAR
07/07/2012 Rotary Walk on the NCR (Gather at Ashland Papermill Parking Lot)
07/04/2012 No Meeting, Happy July 4th!
06/27/2012 Club Changeover of the RCHV
06/20/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Sumitha Chalil
06/13/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Dean Esslinger
06/06/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Stephen Richard
05/30/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: George McCeney
05/23/2012 Weekly Meeting - Program, Nepal Project
05/16/2012 Weekly Meeting - Rotary Club of Hunt Valley
05/09/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Kevin Kamenetz
05/02/2012 Weekly Meeting - Classification Talks
04/26/2012 2012 Four-Way Test Awards Ceremony
04/25/2012 Weekly Meeting - Annual Meeting of the RCHV
04/18/2012 Weekly Meeting - Rotary Club of Hunt Valley
04/11/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker: Jim Fish Balt. County Libraries
04/04/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Carey Esslinger MD Economic Dev
03/28/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Dr. Joe Hairston of BCPS
03/21/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Dan Gunderson of Baltimore County
03/14/2012 Weekly Meeting - Four-Way Test Oratorical Finals
03/07/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Brent Mancha of Bloomberg School
03/06/2012 Loch Raven HS Four-Way Test Judging
02/29/2012 Weekly Meeting - Speaker, Mike Pierce of NCP
02/23/2012 Dulaney HS Four-Way Test Judging
02/22/2012 Barbara Woodey
02/15/2012 Tyler Waldman and Doug Donoval of
02/11/2012 Sip 'n Sweets: Wine Tasting Fundraiser
02/08/2012 Kelly Smith – BCPS
02/01/2012 Rotary Weekly Meeting
01/25/2012 Rotary Weekly Meeting
01/18/2012 Rotary Weekly Meeting
01/11/2012 First meeting of 2012 - Join us at Marriott Hunt Valley Inn
01/04/2012 No Meeting, Happy Holidays!
12/28/2011 No Meeting, Happy Holidays!
12/21/2011 No Meeting, Rotary Party
12/14/2011 Joel Woodey
12/07/2011 Margie Anne Bonnett
11/23/2011 No Meeting, Thanksgiving
11/16/2011 Amy Bloom Connelly
11/09/2011 Rob Brown, District 7620
11/02/2011 No Speaker
10/26/2011 Teri Rising
10/19/2011 John Kolm, Rockville Rotary
10/15/2011 McCormick Road Cleanup
10/12/2011 Bob Kimball, GBBR
10/05/2011 Lana Portolano, Towson University
09/28/2011 Eric Collier, Mercy Ships
09/21/2011 Dave Muela "The Family Loveletter"
09/14/2011 Baltimore Hon Charlene aka Blaze Char
09/07/2011 DG Claude Morissette
08/31/2011 Club Annual Summer Picnic
08/24/2011 Stuart Amos, FLAVORx
08/17/2011 Rick Webb, CEO, Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union
08/10/2011 Barry Williams, Director, Recreation and Parks, Baltimore County
08/03/2011 Dr. Paul Khanuja
07/27/2011 Ed Underriner, "Anyone can paint...if you have the right teacher"
07/13/2011 Dr Anderson Oregon Ridge Dinner Theatre
07/06/2011 Club Changeover Ceremony
06/29/2011 Dan Toomey, Curator, B&O Railroad Museum Civil War Program "The War Cam By Train"
06/22/2011 Don Schmincke, Keynote Speaker and Corporate Trainer "High Altitude Leadership"
06/15/2011 Maria Welch, Governor's Commission on Hispanic Affairs
06/08/2011 Barbara Portonoy, Principal, PLPA Inc.
06/04/2011 Club Strategic Planning session
06/01/2011 Club Business Meeting
05/25/2011 Lisa Michocki, The GIVE Program
05/19/2011 Annual Flotilla
05/18/2011 Paul Riecks, President, The Inner Circle of Baltimore
05/11/2011 Dr. Joe Hairston, Superintendent of Schools, Baltimore County
05/04/2011 Club Regular Meeting
04/29/2011 District Conference
04/27/2011 Club Regular Meeting
04/20/2011 Stephanie Haddock, Licensed Massage Therapist
04/13/2011 Dr. Jack Skeen, Leadership Coach
04/05/2011 Annual Four-Way Test Program featuring Nancy S. Grasmick, Ph.D., Maryland State Superintendent of Schools
03/30/2011 Four Way Test Oratorical Contest Finals
03/26/2011 District Assembly
03/23/2011 Regular Meeting: Ms. Rebecca Hoffberger, American Visionary Art Museum
03/16/2011 John Butler, American Flag Foundation
03/02/2011 Regular Meeting: Mr. Albert Sirota, WOWS (Water One World Solutions)
02/23/2011 Regular Meeting: Mr. Rick Cobert, Business Development Representative, Department of Economic Development, Baltimore County
02/16/2011 Jennifer Popkin "The health benefits and consumption of chocolate" A Special Presentation of the Paul Harris Fellowship to Former Councilman Councilman T. Bryan McIntire
02/12/2011 Private Member-Only Event
02/09/2011 State of the Club
02/02/2011 Regular Meeting: Dr. Wayne Bonlie, Hunt Valley Rotarian
01/26/2011 Stephanie Haddock, Licensed Massage Therapist, Achieve Wellness Chiropractic Center
01/26/2011 Today's Meeting Cancelled due to snow
01/19/2011 Regular Meeting: Barb of "What do you see?"
01/12/2011 Mr. John Butler, the American Flag Foundation
12/15/2010 Holiday Party
12/08/2010 Regular Meeting: Leslie A. Marsiglia, Director, Annual Fund, Maryland Food Bank
12/01/2010 Monthly Business Meeting
11/24/2010 Happy Thanksgiving! No Regular Meeting Today
11/17/2010 Rotary Weekly Meeting
11/10/2010 Rotary Weekly Meeting
11/06/2010 Fourth Annual Rotary Wine Tasting Fundraiser
11/03/2010 Rotary Weekly Meeting

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